7 reasons why a truly open upright MRI is better
magnetic resonance imaging in the tube

#1 You do not need to be afraid anymore!

Heart palpitations, panic before an MRI examination? The truly open MRI comes without the confining MRI tube because the magnetic fields are arranged differently. You can enter the MRI and have the examination done whilst sitting or standing. Additionally calming: A companion of your choice can stay with you in the same room. People with “claustrophobia” accept the truly open MRI.

#2 It is much quieter!

In contrast to the tube MRI with its loud knocking and hammering, the truly open MRI works much more quietly. Wearing headphones is usually not necessary. In the truly open MRI you have an unrestricted view.

#3 You can watch your favourite TV series!

During the examination in an open MRI you can preoccupy yourself with current news, TV or a DVD on your TV screen. The MRI images are taken whilst you sit or stand, and you have an unobstructed view of a large monitor, which shows your desired program.

upright mrt zeichnung
Never again, thanks to the truly open MRI!
tunnel mrt zeichnung
You completely disappear into a narrow tube in the tunnel system!
sandwich mrt zeichnung
In the sandwich system, you have limited space and hardly have an unobstructed view!

#4 Get a clear a diagnosis of unexplained pain quickly!

Has no doctor, X-ray or MRI image been able to find a cause for your pain for several months now? – Our upright MRI is particularly suitable for diagnosing functional disorders of the pelvic floor, as it visualises the soft tissue of the body very well and produces the images without X-rays. In addition, the upright positioning of the patient in the system offers the only option for complete and functional imaging of the pelvic floor in a natural posture.

#5 You can take a companion into the truly open MRI!

Want to bring a companion to the MRI examination? With the open MRI system, this is possible without any problems. The person you trust can accompany you into the room where the open MRI is located. In contrast to X-rays or CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging does not use X-rays, which makes it harmless for your companion. They can even hold your hand. This is a great way to prevent anxiety, especially when examining young children.

#6 Examinations can be performed in every position!

Whether standing or sitting, lying down or in functional positions, comprehensive examinations in various body postures are possible with the new open MRI. A stress-dependent displacement of organs of the small pelvis affects many patients. This can lead, for example, to defecation disorders, impaired emptying of the urinary bladder with frequent urination as well as pain and inflammation. The sitting position of the examination corresponds to natural conditions and shows the organs and pelvic floor under this daily stress.

#7 The truly open MRI is also suitable for patients with metal implants!

Metal implants are often inserted to stabilise the bone, joint or spine, this patients could only be examined to a limited extent until now. This is different in a truly open Upright MRI and consequential damage or new instabilities of the spine can be detected. This is different with open upright MRI and therefore these patients can also be examined “with metal”.

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